I set up a “ALBUM OF JOHN’S BLOGGERS” photo album with a link on the right under “BLOGROLL”. If you want to add a picture of you so all bloggers can put a face to your name just e-mail it to me at EKONEFE@WIDEOPENWEST.COM  . Be sure to give your names as you want under it. I suggested to John that he put it on his “LINKS” we will see.



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  1. great idea big ed. and just where are our john and heidi? nothing yesterday? hmmm…

    smiles, bonnie


    Added you and the Prince to the album. It must be Miami they do the new posting. I don’t think they work on weekends. But our comments I think John OKs so I don’t know what’s up there.
    BIG ED

  2. nanetteali

    ED I just read your comment to John about me. LOL I will gladly receive the kiss. What I said is from the heart I really believe you should be on that cruise, but I also understand your part and your wife. I missed John !! 2 days no word Im starting to worry. Maybe we are giving him to much work writing so much, maybe we need to shut up for a day or two. Dont you think ?? Nahhhh I cant 🙂
    Take care


    NAHHHHHH it’s to late to stop or slow down.

  3. nanetteali

    Right!! Im with you. Cant stop .He seems to be enjoying this as much as we do anyway.

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