CARNIVAL SPLENDOR web site is up. It is not yet on the CARNIVAL main page but you can get it here .  Now to start planning the 2nd ANNUAL BLOGGERS CRUISE, January 24, 2009 on the CARNIVAL SPLENDOR. You heard it here FIRST..

The site has itineraries/dates, facts and pictures of it’s construction. Under media gallery you will see “CAPTAIN’S BLOG COMING SOON”.

You can start booking the CARNIVAL SPLENDOR on MAY 10th. So give a CARNIVAL PERSONAL VACATION PLANNER a call.



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  1. Barbara Pharo

    Hi Big Ed and Mrs. Big Ed
    Love your site. I feel really bad that the bloggers cruise is not on 1/26/08 as this was your idea. What did you decide to do. It is your anniversary right. My husband and I are going on a New Years Eve cruise and will be just getting back so we will not be able to make the 1/19/08 cruise. I really would have loved to go but maybe next year. Do we know what John’s schedule is yet? Well Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs Big Ed a little early. My hubsand and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary on the Freedom May 25th.
    Thanks for the updates on the Splendor

    Barbara and James Pharo

  2. Big Ed

    BARBARA AND JIM………… Thank you very much and I hope you ALSO enjoy your anniversary cruise. Yes! the ALSO does mean Pat and I will be on the January 26th cruise celebrating our 42nd anniversary on the 29th and not on the bloggers cruise. John still has not said what his schedule is for that time. I think he may be just coming on the FREEDOM doing the bloggers cruise as a special thing. Since this D.O.M.A.S.S. piece of C.R.A.P. will not be on your cruise to protect John or take a picture for evidence you are free to kick John in his butt for me. I hope somebody gets the picture of that, HA HA.

    “BIG” ED

  3. Linda Hernacki

    Hi Big Ed, I have been reading John’s blog and your comments since he started it, I too am not going to be able to make that date, as we will be on the Freedom the end of November, but the 2nd bloggers cruise date of 1/24/09 sounds great, and you can count me in, now get John to agree to that too ok? I really didn’t want to go on the Freedom just 2 mos. later anyway. But I definitely want to go on the Splendor and 1/24/09 would be GREAT! So, start a new bloggers cruise sign up and put us at the top of that list! Linda & Mike

  4. nanetteali

    A bloggers cruise without you ??? You are best blogger and Johns favorite. You have to go!! I can imagine what that could be you and John together.
    Lucky cruisers!! I cant go because Im going to Europe now and I need time to recuperate $$$ and also Im a teacher and Im working on that date 😦

  5. Big Ed

    Nanetteali, Well thank you very much. From the very start I was working on getting that back and forth dialog going between John and I and it seamed to work.

    My wife and I will be on the cruise right after the Bloggers cruise. Our anniversary is that week on the 29th. This will be our 11th cruise and all but one we were on the ship for our anniversary. The only way I could do the bloggers cruise and Pat let me live would be to do a back to back. I’m retired so it’s not the time but as you said $$$$. But John can make an offer I can’t refuse.

    Hope you enjoy your cruise. Say Hi to John and Heidi for me.

    “BIG” ED Konefe

  6. nanetteali

    Thank You Ed for answering!!
    I just think that you are a part of the blog sucess and that you should be on
    that cruise. Carnival should pay for your cruise.Although its a nice detail of
    John to stay for your cruise also.He is a good human being. I know that my
    country (PR) is a port of call on your cruise right ?? If you need anything
    please ask .I hope Carnival invites you for the bloggers cruise. Its fair!!

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