We want the “JOHN HEALD BLOGGERS CRUISE” on the Eastern Caribbean FREEDOM cruise on January 26, 2008 leaving from Miami.


Miami                          Depart 4:00 pm

Fun day at sea

San Juan                   Arrive 5:00pm  Depart 12:00am

St. Thomas               Arrive 8:00am  Depart 6:00pm

St. Maarten            Arrive 7:00am   Depart 5:00pm

Fun day at sea

Fun day at sea

Miami                       Arrive 8:00am

I will keep this blog and John updated as to the count from your comments. So please post your vote. Just enter your vote in a comment to cast your vote. I will move it up here using your blog name.

1. “BIG” ED

2. Barbara Pharo

3. Ann Marie

4. Inez

5. Southerndreams

6. Jim +59 other cabins



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7 responses to “We want the “JOHN HEALD BLOGGERS CRUISE”

  1. Barbara Pharo

    Sounds great Count us in

  2. Ann Marie

    Add us to your list!

  3. we’re in! charlie and bonnie
    west palm beach

  4. big ed, here is a link to our liberty video, john was the cd!


    john is on the embarcation part…

    smiles, b

  5. Jim

    I’m in for sure… with 59 other cabins on the ‘MS Cruise for Freedom’
    Jim & Cheryl Marsh

  6. JIM

    Do you have them all turned on to John Heald’s Blog “THINGY” so they can follow their CD and the CARNIVAL FREEDOM.

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