Open letter to CARNIVAL and the STIENER Org

I believe it would be a very good idea to,  just like you do shore excursions, pre-book the dinner clubs and spas on all ships. It would be a big help to cruisers. We wouldn’t have to run around the ship when we first embark setting up appointments and reservation. We  could enjoy the ship right from the start of our cruise knowing everything was pre-booked our excursions, dinner club reservations and all our spa appointments. When we make our choices on line we would be able to print out our confirmation of all times and days. You would even be able to have confirmation cards printed out ahead of time for deliver to our cabins the first day of cruise. With people pre-booked you would have less people standing in line to make appointments. As you know lines make unhappy cruisers. This would give your personal more time to spend with the people that didn’t pre-book. Even John Heald in his blog thought this was a great idea.


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