To players of POGO.COM

To any players of games in POGO.COM we play under the name “mamabears188” so add us to your friends list and stop in and say hi. “Mama” doesn’t do chatting much but I, “Papa”, do. I like helping with weekly challenges even cheating to get them faster.

If you would like to try a free 1 week pass to CLUB POGO, for members only games leave a comment and I will send you one. Don’t put your e-mail address in the comment. I will get it off the comment notice I get from wordpress.


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One response to “To players of POGO.COM

  1. bless1045

    Hey, mama and papa. I am a much too frequent player in Pogo. I play under-can you guess-bless1045. I will add you to my friends list. My sister and I sail 4-19-07. Leave in a week. Bet you are jealous. Isn’t that pic of San Juan? I have several like that that I love. Congrats on your new title!
    p.s. how do you cheat?

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