Open letter to Bob Dickinson, President and CEO CARNIVAL

Mr. Dickinson, I have just been told by John Heald, CARNIVAL’s best Cruise Director, that he will not be on the FREEDOM for my cruise starting January 26, 2008. I’m sure you have read his blog at, , 88,000 people can’t be wrong and most of them are counting down days till their cruise with him, I’m at 296 days. I would hate to have one of your GREAT Personal Vacation Planners, Laurie Pandzik at 1-800-8193902 ext.85877 or , change my cruise to the ship John will be on at that time. I have the perfect solution. Make the January 26, 2008 FREEDOM cruise the “JOHN HEALD BLOGGERS CRUISE”. I’m sure you the CEO of the greatest cruise line, CARNIVAL, will see the value of this idea.

Thank you,

“BIG” Ed



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2 responses to “Open letter to Bob Dickinson, President and CEO CARNIVAL


    Hi Big Ed…….Hey, I found you! Course I had to have my kids help me since I’m a first timer. Thanks for the compliment…I’m sure to have at least 80,000.00 referrals this week alone! I didn’t know this was so popular. I told my sister about this and she told me that John Heald was their cruise director about 10 years ago and they still talk about him. Talk to you later….and you have definitely made MY best “guest” list. Happy cruising…..

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